At IA, we offer children a “byte size of space, science and technology,” creating a love and passion for the universe.  Our goal is to supplement the existing space, science and technology curriculum for students grades K - 5 in a fun and creative way, launching their excitement, critical thinking skills, and engagement levels to new galaxies.  This increased excitement for space, science and technology can improve students’ comprehension by 16%, according to research from Global Imagination.  We plan to achieve this goal by making our program affordable, conveniently traveling to schools throughout the county.  IA hopes to inspire a legacy of students who actively pursue future careers in space, science and technology.  With the help of parents, teachers and guardians, our vision is to help educators integrate more space, science and technology in their classrooms. IA plans to generate new opportunities for learning through an extensive platform using a virtual mobile library.


IA is dedicated to educating as many children as we can from our mobile unit, traveling directly to your campus, inspiring students to look “beyond our skies”.   Our mission is to create an awareness of different space, science and technological resources, providing students an affordable, virtual and active experience conveniently located at their school.  The goal is to provide more opportunities for students to learn about our Universe through innovative space, science and technology before, during, and after their mobile unit visit. IA will promote and encourage students to create a lifelong habit of learning about space, science, and technology.


IA is an innovative way to engage student learning. Our state of the art mobile unit provides space, science and technology education that STEM educators can use as a supplemental tool to enrich student learning. Through our curriculum, children will learn more about our Solar System and its opportunities.  Our program promotes building a better society that will cater to a more comprehensive and diverse workforce. We have created an environment where students can develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Because we are aware that other space programs may not be convenient and or affordable, IA developed a fun and affordable project-based program that uses space, science and technology through virtual learning and exploration. Our creation is a tool that provides teachers with rigorous space and science content that will engage students to learn and experience our Universe.